Hiring Process - The Three C's

  • 01

    Comprehensive Qualification

    We take the time to listen to every candidate we speak to. This is a really key part of our service - this is not our job search, so we need to listen, understand and empathise. Only then can we provide the best recruitment experience.

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    Before we even think about sending a CV to a client, we make sure that we have our compliance in order. Your children and families deserve to have fully vetted and safeguarded staff working on their cases, so we work hard to ensure this is done immediately. This saves you time and inconvenience before the interview process even begins!

  • 03

    Completed Placement

    Then it's down to our candidate to wow you at interview! You just need to decide if you want them on board or not. As you can see, we do 90% of the work before you even receive a CV so you can trust that our candidates are right for you.