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​"Just A Child" - A Review

I started reading at a young age and have enjoyed continuing this hobby throughout my adult life. Friends and family will usually ask me, “How was the book?” or “Is it any good?” and usually the answer will be one of enjoyment. However in this case, how can you really describe Sammy Woodhouse’ book ‘Just A Child’…..Powerful.

This is a difficult review to write really because you feel that you can’t use normal ways of positive expression like enjoyment or saying “It’s a real page turner”. But the truth is, this is a compelling read, one that is difficult at times but one that leaves you feeling empowered and wanting justice.

Sammy’s writing in this book, I think, is highly commendable as it would have taken her back to a very dark place in her life and she has achieved what she intended – to tell her story and to do it in such a way that it will encourage other victims to come forward. The “relationship” between Sammy and Ash is hard to read and imagine, but she takes you through it step by step, not being afraid to tackle her own thoughts and feelings on what she thought her relationship was with him.

If you want to understand more about what led to the shocking revelations in Rotherham and to further understand a victim’s take on how CSE can be viewed by young and impressionable girls, I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

Well done Sammy, keep fighting.

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