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Social Work Interview Advice: LA’s and Trusts

Interview Tips - Local Authorities and Trusts

Here we have a list of some great tips and ideas to make sure that you really sell yourself at interview with Local Authorities and Trusts. You need to prepare whether it is a locum or permanent role, but always remember......BELIEVE in your own experience and do everything you can get that across.

​1. Understand the Local Authority or Trusts mission and values: Before the interview, research their mission and values. Be prepared to speak about how your personal values align with those of the client.

2. Be prepared to talk about your experience: Prepare specific examples of your experience working with diverse populations, managing difficult situations, and using evidence-based practices.

3. Demonstrate empathy and active listening: Social workers need to be able to empathize with clients and actively listen to their concerns. During the interview, demonstrate your ability to do so by reflecting back on what the interviewer has said and askingthoughtful follow-up questions.

4. Highlight your communication skills: Social workers need to be able to communicate effectively with clients, colleagues, and other professionals. Be prepared to give examples of how you have communicated effectively in past work experiences.

5. Show your commitment to ongoing professional development: Social workers need to stay up-to-date on best practices and be committed to ongoing professional development. Be prepared to talk about your continued education and how you stay current inyour field.

6. Address self-care and burnout prevention: Social workers are at risk of experiencing burnout and compassion fatigue due to the emotional demands of the job. During the interview, be prepared to discuss how you address self-care and prevent burnout inyour work.

7. Demonstrate cultural humility: Social workers need to be able to work with individuals from diverse backgrounds. During the interview, demonstrate your cultural humility by discussing your awareness and respect for cultural differences and how you haveworked with diverse populations in the past.

8. Discuss your knowledge of community resources: Social workers need to be knowledgeable about community resources that can help clients. During the interview, be prepared to discuss your knowledge of community resources and how you haveconnected clients with those resources in the past.

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