​"What is your role at Sheldon Phillips?"

I've worked in recruitment for a number of years focussing on Tech and IT sectors. I became a little fed up of the jargon and linear nature of the markets and decided to find a sector that really interests me. Having grown up in the West Midlands, I am taking over the Midlands & Staffordshire desk here to work with Qualified Social Workers across the region to work with our excellent Local Authority, Private and Charity clients. I cannot wait to put my stamp on my old stomping ground!

"Work aside, what do you like to do for fun?"

Aston Villa and Formula 1 consume most of my weekends. In my spare time I play guitar and record music at home. I'm slowly learning how to produce, mix and master my own music. I have also found a passion for collecting vinyl records!

"What three words describe you best?"

Patient, Attentive, Approachable